3 things that make me REALLY HAPPY!


My number one fear (other than fearing for my life) when I found out I had cancer was that I would be a walking advertisement for the disease…. especially at work. I was determined not to let that happen. I said I would get a great wig and learn how to work magic with make-up, and I did! It gave me the ability to control who knew what I was dealing with. Last week we took pictures for the website at work… when I saw my picture I got REALLY HAPPY, because it was proof that I succeeded. Chemo took my hair (brows and lashes included) and gave me acne (gee, thanks), but I’m still in charge and feeling amazing!



I gave myself 3 weeks to recover from my last chemo… then I started juicing and I am absolutely addicted! Cucumber, spinach, green apple, strawberry juice is my favorite so far! I drink three juices a day and am trying to keep the rest of my diet plant based. Kris Carr, the author of Crazy Sexy Diet is truly an inspiration. I highly recommend her website http://www.kriscarr.com! Green juice makes me feel REALLY HAPPY! Step #1 in my health make-over. Couch to 5k is next!



As some of you know, I started radiation treatment on July 15th (5 days a week for 6 weeks). Visiting The Cancer Treatment Center for the first time made me really emotional. When I arrived, they took me into a room decked out in pink, with ribbons everywhere (remember, my first blog post… F@CK PINK?). They put my name on a cubbie (along with all the other female patients) and expected me to put on a PINK gown and keep it in my cube each day after treatment. I told them I couldn’t deal with the pink room… I didn’t want to be in the pink club, I needed them to take my name off the cubbie. Yes, PINK bothers me that much.

Right from the start, I knew I’d never be involved in the pink movement. I did know, however, that I would find a way to give back and to help people dealing with cancer… in my own way. On my second day of radiation treatment I noticed I hadn’t seen a celebration bell anywhere… I asked if they had one and they said “no,” but they were definitely very interested in having one donated! In less than 24 hours, you… my wonderful family and friends donated MORE than enough money to fund a bell! With the extra funds I am creating a coffee table book focused on the celebration bell… it will feature pictures of cancer fighters ringing the bell, a quote about what ringing the bell meant to them, and a word of advice to those newly diagnosed.

It makes me REALLY HAPPY to think that because of my wonderful support system, hundreds of folks being treated at The Cancer Treatment Center will have a bell to ring.  I still think we can make sure there is a bell in every cancer center in the St. Louis region!


What are YOU REALLY HAPPY about?


3 thoughts on “3 things that make me REALLY HAPPY!

  1. Jenn,
    I am so glad that Isaiah and Braxton played on the same baseball team. I have a new friend as a result of their friendship!
    You are one bad chic!!! Your fight for life and what is right clearly sets the bar. You are amazing. This is one of many testimonies you will have to recruit others to God’s kingdom. Your grace and fight is remarkable and often leaves me speechless. Ivan looking forward to our next celebration :).

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