With Faith, Family, Friends and Fierce Shoes…

With Faith, Family, Friends and Fierce Shoes… All Things Are Possible!


Life is a journey… cancer has become part of my journey. I don’t consider it a gift like some do –  I’m rather excited to put it behind me. This part of my journey has prompted me to slow down a bit and become more reflective than I have been in a while…. and that has been a gift.

In the beginning I let cancer scare me. I walked into my first chemo treatment, looked around the room – “at all those sick people” – and just cried. I felt weak and defeated. For a very long time I’ve fancied myself a bad-ass, bold, strong woman. Weakness and defeat – they’re so not me.

Enter the fierce shoes (and the theme songs)…

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Every time I’d show up to work in my “fierce shoes” a former colleague and good friend would say “He’re comes Agent P in her money shoes.” His assumption was that I was heading out to ask someone for money for the shelter. He called me “Agent P” because on a psychological profile (for work) I was pegged as a bit of an “Agent Provocateur” – also known as a “shit disturber.”

So I’ve done my second and third treatments with fierce shoes and a theme song (Alicia Keys and Beyonce)- and damn does it make me feel like a powerful shit disturber! It works! It really works!

I do most important things in stilletos – why should fighting cancer be any different?


I’ve got a friend who is someone I would consider like minded in the bad-ass, stilleto wearing department. My friendship with this person started when I found her name in the yellow pages and called it. Well, it wasn’t her name… it was the name of her business – Cure Design Group. I was looking to recruit a design team to make G180’s galas beautiful. Sara called me back just a few hours later ready, willing, and able to help in any way she could. Like many of my G180 volunteers, she has become a friend – a good friend.

Mike’s work schedule changed a bit and I needed to recruit two people to take me to chemo appointments. Sara was one of the first people to step up and offer to take me. There are friends, and then there are friends who would be willing to go through chemo with you. That’s what I consider a damn good friend. Sara you just went from the good friend to the damn good friend category (as did Craig and Gywanna). Thank you!

On this part of the journey – being far away from my family of origin – friends become all the more important…. they become a bit like family.

Speaking of family… this part of my journey has allowed me to spend some very valuable time with my mom. She came to visit me for three weeks after my surgery in February. The last time I spent three weeks with her I was 17 years old. She is here with me now – as promised to celebrate my being half way through chemo! She is by far the strongest woman I know – she inspires me. She might also be the funniest – according to my children anyway :).

Life is a journey… full of ups and downs… but it’s always a gift.

That’s all for now.


One thought on “With Faith, Family, Friends and Fierce Shoes…

  1. Another wonderful message! So happy that you’ve been been getting some wonderful gifts to offset some of the bad stuff! Love the bad ass shoes!

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